Event Management


Crowd management, safety and security from the point of conceiving the idea of the event up to the site building phase, managing the event itself.


Event management has several benefits:


We provide centralized control by a professional in the fields that have to do with the wellbeing and safety of the different personnel and participants of the event.

This enables the producers to have peace of mind in a very sensitive and risk filled field and saves them valuable time. In addition, accompanying the event in all of its phases enables us to provide real-time solutions at any given moment.

The management is proactive and is done in complete cooperation with both the production and law enforcement agencies.

The Guy Kedem Company puts an emphasis on event safety, crowd dynamics and security by utilizing a professional who specializes in these fields.

Having extensive knowledge of all aspects of the event raises the safety and security of the event reduces the risk of casualties and even enhances the crowd’s experience.


Event Safety


In order to ensure the safety of the event’s crowd and participants, a crowd management plan that will provide a suitable response to the main dangers in the event needs to be written.


The crowd management plan needs to be made by a professional who has both knowledge and experience in the following fields:


  • Crowd entry to the event as to prevent crowd pressures in the entrance phase.

  • Crowd dynamics in the event’s site in order to prevent crowd pressures in the site and crowd collapse towards the stage and in the different compounds of the site.

  • Planning the event’s site.

  • Planning the crowd exit in the site.

  • The exit and entry of the rescue and emergency services.

  • Responses to fire hazards.

  • Responses to the different emergency scenarios in the event.


In addition to the crowd management plan the services of Guy Kedem include:


  • An examination by a civil engineer of all civil structures that will be raised in the site.

  • An examination of the electrical structures in the site by an electrical inspector.

  • An examination of the food served in the event by a food safety manager.

  • A traffic plan made by a traffic engineer.


The company’s services are unique in comparison to what is common in Israel and are based on the most up-to-date and conventional method in the world, this method dictates that the safety manager at the event stays at the event and manages its security. We professionally accompany the production all the way from the brainstorming phase while the event is still only an idea, all the way until the end of the event.


Event Security


Security Manager Services


The planning and managing of outdoor, indoor, and sporting events will be done by a security manager who has been authorized by the police security division.


The Guy Kedem Company prepares security plans at the highest professional level. These plans provide effective responses to the main threats and challenges that may arise in the event, all the while insuring that the crowd that will arrive at the event will receive the highest level of service and an unforgettable and positive experience.


A security plan includes:

  • Parking space planning, preparing access and exit routes from the event.

  • Planning and managing the entry queues to the event.

  • Planning and managing the security within the event.

  • Planning and managing the security in front of the stage (PIT).

  • Planning and managing the crowd’s departure from the event’s site.

  • Providing responses to terror attacks.

  • Providing responses to public order disturbances.

  • Maintaining the wellbeing of the public and its property (breaking into cars during the event).


The Guy Kedem Company has security managers with extensive knowledge and experience in planning and managing security at events. The security manager will hold meetings for the purpose of planning and coordinating with the production, will prepare the event’s security plan, will be in constant contact with law enforcement agencies, and will manage security during the event.


Event Licensing


The Guy Kedem Company as part of the services we provide an event will do all that is necessary in order to receive a business license for the event in accordance with the law’s demands.


The purpose of the business license is to insure that all the necessary arrangements for properly running the business were made in accordance with the law and for the benefit of the public.


Receiving a business license includes the following steps:

  • Preparing the request forms: the security plan, the accessibility plan, and the sketches.

  • Transferring the request to the approving bodies: the police, the fire department, medical assistance, etc.

  • Submitting the request and paying the fee.

  • Receiving the terms from the approving bodies in order to organize events.

  • Applying the terms for licensing the event.

  • Receiving a business license.




Giving out briefings to producers, security supervisors, safety managers, and licensing departments managers in the following fields:

  • Crowd dynamics.

  • Crowd behavior.

  • Building entrance queues and the crowd’s entrance to the event.

  • Planning the event’s site.

  • The crowd’s departure from the event.

  • The event’s security.

  • Safety emergencies and security emergencies.




In guidelines and procedures writing the company deals with the following fields:

  • Arranging risk reviews in the fields of safety and security.

  • Writing safety procedures.

  • Writing safety plans.

  • Writing security portfolios.