Roni Netzer


Roni was a pensioner of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, where he served for 30 years. Took part in technological activities for the purpose of defending Israel and helped develop unique electronic systems. Completed his academic studies both in Israel and abroad in the field of safety and in the last ten years of his service was the head of safety at a wing where he worked diligently, responsibly and with an uncompromising professional attitude.


Roni’s love for dealing with safety and the duty he felt towards maintaining the public’s safety were implemented even after he retired in 1999.


Founded the company “Nitzra Safety and Security Ltd.”, under its title he advised and aided both government and private bodies to implement the safety doctrine in order to maintain their employees’ health and safety.


In the last two years of his life, Roni and Guy Kedem founded the company “Safety Access Ltd.”, as part of a vision to create a professional company that will manage crowd safety at mass events, that will abide by strict international regulations and standards, with the aim of significantly raising the safety management level at mass events in Israel and to prevent accidents that may harm a human life.


As a result of his severe illness and his early passing, Roni wasn’t able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and see the company fully operating, realizing the vision and the goals that were set with its founding.


May his soul rest in peace.