Mass events are packed with potential risks. Each year people are injured during these sorts of events. This involves mass event management and the complex coordination between multiple elements, including the police, fire department, Medicals, security officers, safety consultants, electrical and construction engineers, food providers, location managers and more.

Why work with “Guy Kedem Ltd.”?

“Guy Kedem Ltd.” offers its clients event management services which include full coverage of all areas of safety and security following Israeli law and the most up-to-date international safety regulations – including coordination of all operations with the authorities. Our service begins from the brainstorming stage, through the construction of the site and the event, planning and concentration of all aspects of crowd management,  examination by a civil engineer, an engineer to check electricity, transportation engineer, a food safety manager, preparation of the event site for certification and event management insofar as safety and security.

The management is pro-active and facilitates problem-solving in real-time and at any given moment, in full cooperation with all production and enforcement elements, while focusing on all areas of safety, crowd movement and security.

This service ensures the maintenance of the highest levels of safety and security, minimises the risk of injury, saves on resources and provides a greater experience for the audience.

The company’s services are modular. For example, Guy Kedem Ltd. will not provide security management services to a client who has employed its security manager. The company’s extensive knowledge will, however, allow them to hold professional discussions with the security manager and all enforcement agencies.

What is Guy Kedem Ltd.’s record?

The company has extensive experience in planning and managing complex events in Israel and abroad.

The company CEO, Guy Kedem, brings a wealth of experience following over 20 years in the field of safety and security. His specialisation in event management is the result of extensive experience in four fields:

Crowd management at events

Safety management

Security management

Management of complex events

Your coming event matters to us too.

The company CEO Guy Kedem is the only person certified in Israel in Crowd Management.

His background includes:

  • M.Sc. Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis, Manchester Metropolitan University. Level 7.
  • Workplace Safety Supervisor for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour.
  • Sports Safety Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Certified for mass event management by Buckinghamshire New University, London. Level5.
  • Professional training by the UK Office of the Prime Minister:

The Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College, in fields including Crowd Management/ Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings

Roni Netzer Click on Roni Netzer to learn more about this incredible person who was one of the company founders

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