Mass events are risk filled events. Every year people are hurt during such events. The reasons for all these mishaps are the challenges involved in managing events of this size and in elaborately coordinating between the different bodies involved in such events. For example: the police, the fire department, medical assistance, chief security officers, safety advisors, electrical engineers, structural engineers, food suppliers, compound managers, etc.


Why should you work with “Guy Kedem, Safety Access Ltd”?

The company “Guy Kedem, Safety Access Ltd” offers clients event-managing services that include a complete coverage of all safety and security fields, in correspondence with the Israeli law and with the latest international safety regulations – including a complete coordination of all activities with the authorities. Guy Kedem steps in to the event building process as soon as the producer comes up with his vision for his event, we then instruct how to build the event’s site and the event itself, we plan and focus the crowd’s dynamics (Crowd Management). On top of that we supply an inspection by a civil engineer, an electrical engineer, and a food safety manager. Guy Kedem also prepares the event’s site for licensing and manages the event from the safety and security aspects.


The management is proactive and enables us to give real-time solutions at any given moment, with full cooperation with both the production and law enforcement agencies, all the while putting an emphasis on all fields of safety, crowd dynamics, and security. Management of this kind ensures maintaining the highest levels of safety and security, reduces the risk of casualties to the bare minimum, saves resources and even enables an enhanced experience for the crowd itself.


The company’s services are modular. For example, Guy Kedem will not supply security management services to a client who already employs a security manager of his own. On the other hand, the company’s vast knowledge enables it to have a constructive and informed discussion on the subject of security with security managers and law enforcement agencies.


What is the record of “Guy Kedem, Safety Access Ltd”?

The company has a vast experience in planning and managing complex events in Israel and abroad.

The company’s CEO, Guy Kedem, has immense experience in the fields of safety and security for over 20 years.

Guy Kedem’s expertise in managing events is a result of his rich experience in four fields: Crowd Management, Safety Management, Security Management, and Complex Project Management.


Your next event is important to us.


The company’s CEO Guy Kedem is the only one in Israel authorized from Buckinghamshire New University to be a Crowd Safety Manager (FDA). His academic background includes:

  • A bachelor’s degree in human resource management and in the history of the Jewish people, from the University of Haifa.

  • Safety engineer on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and fire safety engineer on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

  • Sport safety engineer.

  • Security manager.

  • Qualified by Buckinghamshire New University, London, to be a crowd and safety manager at mass events.

  • Completed “Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings” at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College.

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